Club History

As late as Feb. 1968, there were very few English Bulldogs owned or being shown in this area. Deciding to do something to remedy this, a group of breeders, owners, and fanciers got together for an organizational meeting at the Voyager Inn in Durham, NC on Sunday June 9, 1968. At this meeting, Dorothy and Art Trammelle, Tony and Vi sucher, and Ira Cromer, all from Div. 7 of the BCA, came to help organize the new club. They were all members for at least 1 year and the Cromers are still on the roster and attend meetings when they can.

The club was formed with 22 original members, the Triangle Bulldog Club was selected as the club name. A slate of officers was elected and dues were collected. With the help of the Div. 7 members present, a constitution was drawn up and approved at a later date. The first slate was as follows.

President- George Geddings
Vice President – Margaret Stokes
Secretary – Sarah Simpson
Treasurer – Ronnie Qualls

Board members- Dr. Bob Land, Hugh Martin, Bob McClesky, Vallie Thomason, and Neil Ragan

Of the original 22 members, there are 17 who are most active in the club and rarely miss meetings.

The club meets the 2nd Sunday of each month at the homes of the members. The 1972 roster has 42 members and at each meeting we average 70% attendance with quite a few members traveling up to 200 miles round trip to attend. In the years since the club was formed, only 2 meetings have been canceled because of weather conditions, and these were made up at call in meetings.

At all the meetings, there is a program along with other club business. A few areas covered have been line breeding, whelping pups, care and feeding of pups, skin problems, hip dysplasia, Ring side behavior, and other topics interesting and informative to long time breeders as well as the novice owners. We have outside speakers (vets) as well as our own members do the presentations.

In Nov. 1970, it was decided that the club should change its name to The Piedmont North Carolina Bulldog Club from the Triangle Bulldog Club. A new constitution was drawn up and approved.

  • Nov. 1968 Judge Dr. Harry Smith
  • July 1969 Judge Pat Hartle
  • Nov. 1969 Judge Dot Bullock
  • April 1970 Judge Nellie West
  • Nov. 1970 Judge Dr. Keith Grimson

At these matches, junior handling classes were held. Due to various member conflicts with attending shows across the country, it was decided that no more matches would be held until AKC approved a sanctioned B Match.

Beginning in Dec 1969, the Dec meeting was held as a Christmas party held on a Saturday night in conjunction with dinner. At this time, certificates and awards of recognition were handed out to the various club members for accolades gathered from the previous year. The members had finished 21 champions since its formation in 1968. Twelve of these were home bred champions. During the summer months, a few covered dish meetings were held. Many Piedmont Bulldog Club members attend dog shows in a seventeen state area. Every year since the club was formed, the some members of the club have attended the BCA nationals.

-1968 Memphis Tn 11 members and 7 dogs
-1969 Detroit Mi 9 members and 10 dogs
-1970 San Francisco Ca 1 member and 1 dog
-1971 Ft. Worth Tx 5 members and 14 dogs

at this show Ch. Scarlet O’Hara of Blackwatch (club member dog) was B.O.S. and later in April was Best in Show.

Ch. Logan’s Frosty Snowflake tied as top brood bitch in 1971. Ch. Damar’s El Domino had 3 champions to his credit in 1971. Nutcracker of Crosswinds sired 2 champions in 1970 placing him in the top 13.

Members of this club have had significant wins at both specialty shows and all breed shows. The top win has been Ch. Scarlet O’Hara of Blackwatch going Best in Show at the Oak Ridge KC in 1971 as well as B.O.S. BCA national specialty in the same year. Ch. Shelbyhaus Ragan’s Bully also with Scarlet O’Hara going B.O.S. at Greater Metropolitan Atlanta Bulldog specialty in 1971.

Our members have attained professional handler status( Carolyn Ragan) and 2 professional dog show photographers (Mr. & Mrs. Earl Graham). Many club members were also officers of all breed clubs and many members have served as board members of BCA Div.7.

In 1969, the club started a monthly paper called the Bull Sheet. This was sent to all members and also anyone wanting to pay $2.00 for a year subscription. At this time, many club members were trading and exchanging publications with other Bulldog Clubs. The Bull Sheet gave time and location of future meetings as well as items of interest for dog shows. They included results and reminders of upcoming shows. The Piedmont North Carolina Bulldog Club is fulfilling its purpose to improve the breed, participate in AKC shows, and watch over the health and welfare of its animals.

This information was gathered by Frank Kaufman at the request of the BCA history committee